Executive Coaching and Team Building

There’s stability within the wobble. Let’s start there.

The Cannon Group helps individuals and their organizations communicate clearly, commit fully, be mutually accountable and achieve results. We create learning environments that elicit conversations that result in innovation.

Executive Coaching

70%+ of learning worth retaining happens on the job, not in a classroom. When you work with a skilled Executive Coach, these experiences get shared and reflected upon, not forgotten in the blur of yet another non-stop week. The lessons are there. A good coach helps you land the learning.

Team Development

Resilient organizations are made up of honesty, diverse views and interdependence. This kind of culture is no accident. It’s the result of clear intention and courage.  During good times or bad, these teams  dig to understand why.  Finding stability within the wobble is their practice.

Leadership Development

Over 30 years of rigorous research, Gallup identified 12 core elements that link powerfully to key business outcomes.  Six of those 12 elements that best predict employee & work group performance, are tied directly to the quality of relationship between manager and employee.  

Summits & Retreats

Just like on-the-job learning needs to be harvested to have value, sometimes, everybody needs a change of scenery and to re-engage with the big picture. Not to be confused with those forced fun off-sites of the past. These are designed to deepen relationship, evoke new thinking and generate break throughs.  

Executive Coaching and Team Development

Why partner with the Cannon Group? We help individuals and organizations achieve results. We create learning environments that elicit conversations that result in innovation.

Business Experience: We’re a team of executive coaches and consultants with deep business and leadership experience across industries and business functions. We’ve partnered with diverse industries and for more than 25 years. 

International Coaching Federation (ICF) Certified: Our coaches maintain ICF qualifications, competencies, ongoing education and adhere to ICF ethical standards. Specialty coaching expertise areas: Neurodiversity, Adults with ADHD, Career Planning.

Quality Coaching and Facilitation: We consistently earn 4.7 to 4.8 (on a 5pt. scale) from our individual and organizational clients. We consistently design and facilitate effective and rewarding learning experiences. We have a growth mindset.

How can The Cannon Group help my organization?

Managing work and life can feel all-consuming and overly complicated. Colleagues and clients are geographically spread about – some of your team members are in the field 24-7 and others are working from home in varied time zones. When plans and strategies change quickly,  how we communicate matters. feel less human and more transactional.  That’s when comparing, doubting, becoming discouraged and disconnected.

We know organizations. We know people.  First, we’ll and ask a lot of questions and listen carefully. We want to understand what’s working well for your team as well as where the opportunities and problems reside. We’ll talk with everyone who’s to be involved in the work — this is a co-created experience.

+ Executive Coaching

We coach high-potential managers and VPs. To be successful, our clients build open dialogue with key internal stakeholders. We show them how.

+ Leadership Development

We show managers coming from assorted business environments how to evolve into high-performance leadership teams that trust each other, confront each other in healthy ways, commit, and deliver results.

+ Team Development

We guide leaders that implement reorganization. Our efforts help them deliver new policies, adapt to organization structure, manage departures, and develop new leaders. 

+ Summits and Retreats

Summits are the right choice for gathering people who care very much about addressing a common challenge or exploring an opportunity together. We design these special sessions using participatory leadership group processes. 

Our Approach

It happens by default. Without conscious choice, we find ourselves and our organizations operating on autopilot,  lurching from initiative to initiative; expertly turning on a dime and promising that we’ll (fill in the blank) recover, refuel, review, apologize, listen better, celebrate…later.  Over the years, we have learned that this singular “destination fixation” not only weakens relationships (the very fabric of every high-functioning group, family or team) but it reduces those relationships to a string of transactions.

That’s the heart of our work: Owning the right to, and mastering the art of being stable within the wobble.



I owe so much to you for helping me see what’s happening and for the consciousness, I’m developing about what I’m doing and how I’m doing it. Amazing … for real!

Founder and Executive Director
Non-profit Serving Communities in Latin America


My favorite thing about being in your classes is that it feels as if you’re learning the material WITH us, not being the expert relaying the content.

Guido Torrini
VP, Groupon, Inc.


You make a conscious effort to get to know someone at his/her core. No judgement, just discovery. You are a real friend before everything, and you are passionate about the person you’re working with.

Finance Manager
Cisco Systems, Inc.




Coaching with you changed the way I see myself and others and has improved results on our team. I had no idea that this coaching experience would—or could—result in such a wholehearted transformation. Thank you for helping me discover a new, more authentic, vulnerable and buoyant way of seeing and being. It’s amazing. Really.

Deputy Director, Non-profit
Washington, DC


The 5 Dysfunctions workshop was an eye-opening experience. While we may have our differences, as a District we share a common goal. Individually we discovered that we all have our vulnerabilities, but as a team we can come together for the greater good.”

Jason Baringer
Senior Manager, Operations


Sherri’s approach to teambuilding was fresh, interesting, fun and frustrating, but in good ways that led to deep and meaningful insights. She led a team of silo-ed individuals down the road to becoming collaborative problem-solvers. Working with Sherri fundamentally changed the way we appreciated one another, treated each other and worked together.

Frank Gallagher
Executive Director, Cable in the Classroom


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