Why Coaching?

Answer: Brain Science.

We have two networks in our brain, one is focused on moving things forward, while the other connects us to our motivations and deeper meaning. During times of stress and change, it’s tempting to make more lists, call more meetings, check more boxes and generally “be highly productive.” 

Often too late, we discover we’ve overused our “efficiency” network.  As a result, workplace and personal relationships suffer from feeling transactional efficient but relationally robotic.  

Coaching helps the client connect events (what happened) with intentions (what did you want to happen).  When we’re in human doing mode, higher level connections and learning get lost.  Research shows that the higher a leader rises in their career, the less candid direct feedback they get. Coaching helps the individual elicit consistent feedback and confirm and integrate learning about self and others. Working with a skilled Coach stimulates higher level thinking, greater emotional intelligence, empathy and creativity all of which contribute to a more fulfilling life to lasting change.