Summits and Retreats

“Almost everything will work again if you unplug it for a few minutes, including you.”

— Anne Lamott

Why Summits and Retreats?

A relentless pace of change without pause and restoration can consume an organization’s energy, spirit, and focus. Between wall-to-wall meetings, your actual job, unforeseen interruptions and conversations with loved ones as you walk to the car, home from the train or just between meetings, time seems taken.  In the end, we’re often spending time on exclusively time-sensitive things.

In place of a resilient and agile culture, an urgency — or as one CEO client used to say — a diving catch culture comes to be. 

According to a recent MIT study reported in the Harvard Business Journal, teams that communicate directly with each other — not just with management — are more productive and creative. Socializing away from work also played a significant factor in boosting efficiency.

Break the cycle. Host a summit so that people who care about a common issue leave daily tasks and stress behind and indulge in bigger picture conversations together. Newer members often gain a richer understanding of the issue and become more highly engaged. 

Summits and Team Retreats:

  • Strengthen relationships
  • Deepen vulnerability-based trust
  • Elicit creativity and motivation
  • Enable reflection and consciousness about lessons learned

We apply innovative group methodologies in order to harness the deep collective wisdom in the room. Also called participatory leadership, what matters to the group determines the agenda. When people invest energy and resources in what matters most to them, ownership and commitment come alive! The shift in group energy and creativity is palpable. We’ll work with you in designing a retreat that meets the unique growth needs of your group.