Team Development

“When we don’t weigh in, we don’t buy in.”

— Pat Lencioni

Why Team Development?

Imagine you’re about to announce The New Initiative at the staff meeting. As you conclude, you scan the faces in the room. Instead of a hearty battle cry or eagerness**, you note weariness, possibly some skepticism (natural residue of the “rollercoaster”). You want, no… you need, some esprit de corps, anything. Instead… you’re met with polite nods of agreement and …crickets. 

Resilient teams that deliver results and thrive in today’s change-charged workplace, demonstrate 5 essential behaviors:

  1. Vulnerability-based trust
  2. Healthy conflict practices
  3. Full commitment to a common goal
  4. Mutual accountability
  5. A rigorous, shared focus on results

Learn how to develop a team that is pragmatic, experiential, bonding, and establishes the foundation and application of these essential behaviors.